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Embroidery is one of the most professional imprint methods available. The Print Source, Inc. has a fleet of computerized embroidery machines and over 300 thread colors that will enhance the look of your products. The benefits of embroidery are the professional and high-end look it gives, thread colors do not fade or rub off and it is permanent. The Print Source, Inc. embroiders directly on the substrate of your choice meaning the embroidered artwork becomes part of the product.

What types of products can be embroidered?

When it comes to embroidery, if it can fit in the machine, it can usually be embroidered. Products that are most embroidered are shirts, hats, coolers, chairs, promotional items and more.

When making an embroidery order, these are important questions to have answers for:

  1. Is your embroidery file a digitized file for production? If not, your file will need to be digitized (which we can help with!).
  2. What product(s) will you be putting the logo on? (Flat surface, Cotton/Polyester clothing, hats/round surface)
  3. What are the dimensions of the file you are submitting?

When planning to have a design embroidered, what are things I should be aware of?

Small text, subtle/fine details and color gradients are difficult to produce in embroidery. Our embroidery is direct embroidery where the artwork becomes part of the garment. Also, the material used to back the embroidery on your garment is meant to come off over time.

Why does my logo/image need to be digitized?

Digital embroidery machines use a specific file type – dst – which tells the machines how to embroidery your artwork. When submitting a file to be digitized, the logo needs to be in a PDF, EPS or JPG files.

Can I see a proof of my embroidery before my order is completed?

A sew out is perfect option to see your logo embroidered before your order is started.

What are some of the minimums and maximums I need to be aware of when getting my design embroidered?

  • The average amount of colors used during an embroidery job is between 3-4. You can do up to 16 colors in one job with a setup fee.
  • The average thread stitch count for a logo is 6,000. You can do up to 10,000 thread stitch count.
  • To embroider lettering, the minimum size that can be embroidered is 11pt font. For best results, using a 22pt type will make your type stand out.
  • The maximum size of embroidery is 4.25” diameter. For hats, the maximum size is 4” long and 2” high.
Embroidery and textiles are not part of the ISO/AS9100 certification.