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Screen Printing

The Print Source, Inc. has the screen-printing process down to a science. Our presses can print long runs consistently at affordable prices, and we are able to produce fleet and architectural graphics on virtually any scale you need.

Whether you need thousands or just a few pieces, we have the knowledge and technology to make it happen.

How does screen printing work?

Screen printing is a technique.

At The Print Source, Inc., we have the technology to screen print onto products as tiny as Lego pieces and on to billboard banner signs. Most commonly one color is used when screen printing, but we can print in multiple colors and on a large variety of products ranging from clothing, decals, containers, coolers, signs and much more. It is also easier to match PMS codes with screen printing ink.

Why is screen printing so durable?

The ink used in Screen Printing is what makes the process one of the most durable and reliable printing options available. The ink's ability to bond, absorb deeper and be applied thicker to the material it is being applied to results in a longer-lasting and durable image. We also can make screen imprint more durable with UV inks and scratch and moisture-resistant coatings that work very well in outdoor environments.

Where are places that I can use screen printing?

No matter the shape or size, screen printing is an extremely adaptable printing method. This process can be performed on a wide range of materials such as vinyl, fabric, plastic, metal, glass and more. Screen printing is so versatile that it can be done to make banners, t-shirts, hats, posters and containers using the same screens.

Why is screen printing so reasonable?

When compared to digital printing, screen printing is more reasonable because large quantities of a design can be produced faster.  For higher volume orders with the same artwork, screen printing is your most cost-effective process.