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6S Process


What is 6S?

6S is a business methodology that produces a clean, safe, and well-organized workplace which helps reduce waste, enables more consistent results, and optimizes productivity.  An industry standard for improving efficiency, 6S is designed to help build and maintain a high-quality work environment.

Standing for Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain and Safety, 6S promotes a culture of discipline and order that calls on visual cues to achieve more consistent operational methods and results, while controlling inventory defects and removing ineffective energy.

What does 6S mean to the customer?

Greater efficiencies translate to greater value. More efficient time frames positively impact lead times, while fewer maintenance tasks equate to a cleaner environment which improves quality. Overall, a more agile facility delivers both cost and time savings to the customer.

A 6S organization delivers the best product at the best price. And at The Print Source we’re dedicated to 6S. Because what’s right for our customer is right for our company.

P7 incoming material area BEFORE


P7 incoming material area initial REVISED AFTER