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Routing Instructions

for when The Print Source, Inc. is paying the freight charges.


TOLL FREE: 800-535-9498

FAX: 316-945-8076

Ship collect with FedEx ground service. Bill charges to Account #734658057.

Sign up at www.myUTS.com and submit shipments online to Universal Traffic Service.

  1. All items shipped in one day must be consolidated unless instructed otherwise.
  2. For a non-parcel shipment, Universal Traffic Service will provide a bill of lading. Please make sure the BOL from UTS is the one you give to the carrier.
  3. Premium transportation requires an authorization code from The Print Source.
  4. We may debit your company for unauthorized deviations incurring excessive freight charges, including penalties resulting from an inaccurate weight or freight description on the BOL.
  5. If you are unable to submit shipments online, or if you would like to verify the accuracy of a freight description, please call UTS at (800) 879-4505.




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